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Creating Meaningful Dialog on the Future of Nuclear Energy To Power the Digital Infrastructure Industry

Andrew Fanara  (Sustainability Advisor, Casne Engineering)

Christine King  (Director for GAIN, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear, Idaho National Laboratory)

Shannon Bragg-Stitton  (Director, Integrated Energy & Storage Systems Division, Idaho National Laboratory)

Alan Howard  (Principal Analyst, Cloud & Data Center Research, Omdia)

Miranda Gardiner  (Executive Director, Infrastructure Masons)

Bruce Myatt  (Founder, Critical Facilities Roundtable)

Tony Grayson  (General Manager, Compass Datacenters)

Location: Room 202B

Date: Monday, April 15

Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Pass Type: All Access Conference - Get your pass now!

Track: Sustainability Strategies, from Power to Recycling

Session Type: Workshop

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All Audiences

The global data center industry faces a massive multi-decade challenge to secure clean, abundant, affordable, and reliable energy to fulfill its growth ambitions. Grid Strategies estimates that the data center buildout in the US will exceed $150 billion annually through 2028.

Addressing the data center industry's energy supply challenge grows more immediate, given society's insatiable demand for digital content and the emergence of new AI workloads, 5G, gaming, and more. Energy Expert Mark Mills notes, "We are unequivocally accelerating our entry into the yottabyte era …The amount of data we collect, store, massage, analyze, and share is functionally infinite -- this is unique in human history."

Can nuclear energy be foundational for the digital infrastructure industry to ensure it can help society progress toward sustainable long-term prosperity?

In concert with the Idaho National Laboratory, Data Center World is excited to host the first-ever workshop between the data center and nuclear energy industries. This workshop offers a highly interactive session for participants to build relationships, share knowledge about their respective markets, industry trends, and business needs, and, importantly, create opportunities for future collaboration to drive nuclear energy adoption.


  • Learn about significant developments in nuclear energy technology and markets
  • Understand the different types of options available
  • Understand the headwinds facing the industry
  • Discuss potential use cases for nuclear energy in the data center industry
  • Learn how the US Department of Energy is supporting the commercial nuclear industry to encourage innovation in advanced nuclear technology development and commercialization to create tailored nuclear power options for industry