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Lars StrongSenior Engineer Upsite Technologies

Lars Strong, P.E. thought leader and recognized expert on Data Center Optimization, leads Upsite Technologies' EnergyLok Cooling Science Services, a training program which originated in 2001 to optimize data center operations. He is a certified US Department of Energy Data Centre Energy Practitioner (DCEP) HVAC Specialist. Lars has, and continues to deliver value added services to domestic and international Fortune 100 companies through the identification and remediation of dilemmas associated with the fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of their data center cooling infrastructure. Lars brings his knowledge and ability to teach the fundamentals of cooling science to numerous U.S. and international, private and public speaking events annually. Lars' efforts have contributed to the deferral of capital expenditures, reduced operating expenses, minimized carbon footprint, and increased recovery of stranded capacity, while improving the environment that supports the highest IT equipment reliability. EnergyLok Solutions are performed globally and include assessments, implementation, architecture, and training on all Cooling Science Services critical to data center best practices. In addition, Lars has contributed to the design development and technical specifications of Upsite's engineered and industry recognized Lok Family of Products (KoldLok, HotLok, & AisleLok) . He continues to be instrumental in the development and compliance testing of data center products to the highest industry standards. Prior to Upsite, Strong provided consulting services for The Uptime Institute. Also, he was the lead engineer and project manager for several private consulting firm endeavors and consulted with numerous international corporate data center projects on design, operations, construction management and Tier Classification. Lars has a passion for sharing his experience with individuals and companies in order to educate them on how to sustain optimum data center performance.