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Chris EgloffVice President of Sales, Lithium & Hazmat DivisionAmericase, LLC

Chris Egloff is our VP of Sales where he oversees the sales process of the Lithium & Hazmat division. In this role, Chris communicates and leads projects for some of Amerciase’s largest clients, in addition to effectively coordinating and executing the full sales process with our hazmat clients. However, his biggest priority is acting as an essential customer advocate, consulting in regards to hazmat regulation. 

Chris’ 15+ years of previous experience in the medical software industry and RV Industry built his general foundation for being successful in a sales environment. In this time, he learned the important aspects of each partnership, no matter the industry, shape, or size, with his most heartfelt lesson being in the value of honesty, high quality products, and close relationships. 

Chris is a member of multiple industry and standards organizations, including the Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA), The Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA), Danger Goods Advisory Council (DGAC), and UN Sub Committee on the Reclassification of Lithium ion and Metal Cells. He is also an SAE G27 writing and voting member, and an advisor for the Medical Device Transport Council (MDTC).