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Andy AbbasCEOTFORM, Inc.

With over 25 years of IT experience, Andy Abbas has amassed a wealth of knowledge in various IT leadership roles, notably during his tenure at companies such as AT&T. His expertise is centered around applications, systems, data centers, and cloud operations. In 2007, Andy co-founded DAG, a company that swiftly became an industry leader in data center migrations and related services within a few years. Then, in 2020, he co-founded TFORM, a specialized Data Quality Management solutions provider for IT operations. Under Andy's guidance, DAG and TFORM have earned a sterling reputation for harnessing technical prowess to fulfill customers' business objectives. Through his journey, Andy has understood that technical expertise alone is insufficient; it must be meticulously aligned with pursuing business goals. He is driven by a commitment to minimizing business downtime, devising innovative transition management solutions, and expediting transitions to help organizations reap the rewards of change promptly. Andy's professional mission revolves around delivering solutions that genuinely meet the demands of businesses, a mission for which his background uniquely equips him.