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Data Center World Tech Talk: Grid Constrained? Microgrids Offer Capacity to Power Data Centers Now

Brian Jabeck  (Vice President of Data Centers, Enchanted Rock)

Location: Room 207B

Date: Wednesday, April 17

Time: 3:40 pm - 4:30 pm

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Session Type: Tech Talk

Vault Recording: TBD

Access to power is constrained and threatens to halt the societal progress enabled by digital infrastructure. Some areas don’t have enough generation, while others have power but lack the transmission and distribution to get it to customers. Now, new data centers must wait years for 24/7 firm power or rethink where they site facilities altogether. However, some utilities offer a voluntary interruptible tariff, i.e. the utility will provide electricity but has the right to interrupt service for a certain number of hours or at certain times per year. These rates offer incentives for customers to curtail their load and allow the utility some system relief in times of grid stress. Microgrid solutions can provide reliable power to bridge this interruptible service, allowing large-load customers to grow their facilities, even in grid-constrained regions like Northern Virginia.


Microgrids for flexible capacity: Explore how multi-purpose microgrids can provide capacity during grid interruptions and allow faster access to 24/7 firm power. Data centers as good grid citizens: By equipping data center facilities with microgrid systems, they can become distributed energy resources (DERs), capable of reacting to grid conditions in real-time to help mitigate outages and grid stress that can cause outages. Utility partnerships: Recognize the significance of utility collaborations and flexible connection programs in alleviating grid stress and meeting the increasing demands of new customer loads. Learn about innovative approaches to facilitate rapid access to 24/7 firm power for large-load customers