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Cosimo PecchioliBusiness Development Manager USbp/Castrol

Cosimo Pecchioli has been active in the Data Center Cooling business since 2015. After 20 years at Alfa Laval, he joined BP/Castrol in November 2023 for their Immersion Cooing business in the US.  An active member of the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) has covered different leading roles, and since 2003 he has been the co-lead of the Cooling Environment Project which covers Door, Direct Liquid Cooling, Immersion Cooling, Heat Reuse and Advanced Cooling Facilities at the site level.

Originally from Italy, has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Technology from the University of Florence, Italy.

Married with 3 kids, he enjoys Tennis, Hiking, and cooking for his family (his pizza is kind of famous!)