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Data Center World 2022

Data Center World delivers expert strategy and insight on the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. Data Center World 2022 educational conference programming is focused on the rapidly advancing data center technologies like edge computing, co-location, hyperscale, and predictive analytics - all within a rapidly changing global business climate -- in order to give attendees a leg up on their competitors to become the new trailblazers of the data center. Click on session titles for full session descriptions. All times noted are in CST (Austin, Texas time zone).

Alex Henthorn-IwaneCMOPacketFabric

Alex Henthorn-Iwane is CMO of PacketFabric. An industry executive veteran across IT and networking startups, Alex has brought innovative networking, monitoring, and DevOps technologies to market across both enterprise and service provider spaces. Prior to PacketFabric, Alex was VP of Marketing at Sinefa, a remote work visibility SaaS that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks; VP of Product Marketing at ThousandEyes, an application and network intelligence SaaS acquired by Cisco. Alex brings years of expertise and understanding of networking, Internet and cloud technologies to bear as a speaker and author, and enjoys making complex technology topics more accessible and understandable.