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Ali FennPresidentLancium

Ali Fenn is a growth- and innovation-focused executive, passionate about data center sustainability and the energy transition. Ali is currently President and oversees all commercial operations at Lancium, which – with a mission to decarbonize compute - is developing gigawatt-scale clean campuses and power orchestration solutions that together enable material advantage in delivered cost of carbon-free energy for AI data centers and other energy-intensive industries. Previously, Ali was President at ITRenew, where she was responsible for global hyperscale cloud client business development; all sales and go-to-market teams and initiatives; the data science and sustainability functions; and data center solutions product, engineering, and operations as the company worked to enable global circularity for the IT hardware industry. Ali holds an MPA from the London School of Economics and a BA in Economics from Yale University. She has received numerous awards, including the Infrastructure Masons 2021 Technology Champion Award, recognizing a person who is “demonstrably committed to leveraging technology to help save the planet and advance humanity.” On a personal level, Ali is a lifelong competitive athlete, a former World Cup athlete for the US Ski Team, and in her free time is usually found running trails, surfing, or playing tennis.