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Data Center World 2023

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Strategies for Re-Using Data Center Heat Energy and Their Impact on PUE (Both Real and Perceived)

Lars Strong, P.E.  (Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies)

Location: Room 5ABC

Date: Wednesday, May 10

Time: 2:35 pm - 3:25 pm

Pass Type: Industry Conference, Standard, AFCOM Vendor Member, All Access- BUILD, All Access- Omdia, All Access- Workshop

Track: Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Is it possible to recycle some data center energy to achieve a PUE less than 1.00? The simple answer is no. However, over the years, such claims have been made and are invariably followed by wise nods, knowing winks, and comments such as, "Well, somebody doesn't understand PUE basic math."

While striving for a PUE of less than 1.00 undoubtedly gets us into the realm of physics-defying fantasy, that does not however mean there is no value in recycling the heat energy produced by our ICT equipment. After all, we have already recognized the great value in actually increasing PUE by dramatically reducing the divisor of our PUE equation through virtualization, turning off comatose servers, migrating from Windows to Linux, etc.

The PUE rock showing above the water level may be bigger, but the sea level itself is lower (hence, the ongoing discussion for new and improved metrics). Such is the case with looking for ways to perform useful work with the thermal energy produced by ICT equipment. While we may not give ourselves a bragging-rights PUE decimal fraction, perhaps we can improve our organization's bottom line and contribute positively to the planet's health. This session will explore five strategies for re-using data center heat energy while discussing their impacts on PUE, the bottom line, and the environment.


  • Learn about the different strategies that are available to re-use (recycle) heat energy produced by ICT equipment.
  • Understand the relationship between recycling data center heat energy and resultant impacts on PUE.
  • Learn about the benefits of recycling data center heat energy for your organization's bottom line and the environment.