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Data Center World 2020: A Virtual Experience

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Agenda at a Glance

Keynote: Theory of Creativity: Embedding Innovation Into Everyone's DNA

Duncan Wardle  (Former Head of Innovation and Creativity, Disney; Founder of id8 and innov8, Formerly Disney & Founder of iD8 and innov8)

Date: Tuesday, August 25

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Pass Type : All Access, Standard

Track : Keynote Programming

Session Type: Keynote

Vault Recording: TBD

Too often, data center professionals rely on hard data to make decisions. Crunching numbers to support an outcome. But truly creative and innovative people learn when and how to trust their instinct. Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation & Creativity at the Walt Disney Company, believes that everyone is creative. And that the ability to think creatively is the one core human truth that will remain relevant in the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence.

But haven’t we all been told we’re not creative? So many times, in fact, that we end up believing it. But weren’t we all kids once?

Indeed, it is that childlike curiosity that led Einstein and Edison to discover major new theories and Disney and Jobs to create major new industries. But hasn’t our education and corporate structure – and our data – taught us that there is only one right answer? So much so, that we all stopped looking for the next one?

Now combine our lack of creativity and curiosity with the real world around us. Drones will most likely make fireworks irrelevant in less than a decade. 3D printing will most likely make the traditional tool industry obsolete in the next few years too.
So how will we survive if we keep doing "business as usual,” iterating to achieve quarterly results vs. innovating to survive? How can we embed a sustainable culture of innovation and creativity throughout our organizations, rather than leaving it to the few?

Leaning on 25 years with the Walt Disney Company, Wardle is now on a mission to prove that everyone is creative, by designing a tangible innovation tool kit that normal people can use to “Think Different;” to solve real challenges back in the marketplace.