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Data Center World 2022

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ESG: The practicalities of deployment & scale

William Bubenicek  (Investor, Generate Capital)

Location: 6ABC

Date: Tuesday, March 29

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Pass type: All Access, Industry Conference, Standard - Get your pass now!

Track: Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Generate Capital

Sustainability and ESG has become a significant focus and necessity in the data center sector.

While so much focus is placed on innovation, this workshop (or panel) aims to present and discuss the practical realities of deployment, which is inextricably linked to structured finance and proven solutions/technology.

Innovation must continue, but we should have a framework for deploying proven, scalable solutions today and within the timeframe leading to 2030.

The hyperscalers are largely leading in terms of innovation and deployment, while the colocation/MTDC operators are focusing on compliance with targets set by the hyperscalers, ideally leveraging solutions already proven by the hyperscalers.

Additionally, the colocation/MTDC operators are working on business challenges; (i) speed to market/capacity expansion in markets where grid connection queues are 3+ years (ii) eliminating diesel fuel usage and (iii) improving opex/profitability through energy efficient upgrade.

Sustainability also applies to investors, who realize that ESG compliance are not only necessary to operate data centers but can also significantly improve NOI and/or FFO for their operations.

During this workshop and/or panel session, we will present & discuss:

1. The role of structured finance in infrastructure deployment, and how this applies to the data center sector
2. The leadership role that the hyperscalers must play to enable the achievement of ESG targets by 2030
3. The proven, scalable ESG structures & solutions existing today that are also accretive to the MTDC host and solve real business problems
4. The opportunities in "greening" brownfield data centers


1. The key areas of sustainable infrastructure for data centers that are deployable today (on-site power, energy infra upgrades, renewable asset ownership (physical/virtual)

2. As the hyperscalers lead the sector in ESG innovation and deployment, it is imperative that they innovate and deploy with asset-backed financing structures/partners integrated. This is the key to deployment at scale. Once a solution is proven, it should be structured in a way that enables project financing, as this is the key to infrastructure deployment at scale.

3. Practical energy infrastructure deployments that can be leveraged today for colocation/enterprise, that are already finance-able and therefore can be provided on a zero-capex, "as a service" basis. There are structures already in place for REIT's, real estate and data center investors to deploy sustainable infrastructure and meet ESG targets that will contribute positively to profitability and solve business problems.