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Data Center World 2023

Data Center World delivers expert strategy and insight on the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. Data Center World educational conference programming is focused on the rapidly advancing data center technologies. Click on session titles for full session descriptions. All times noted are in CST (Austin, Texas time zone).

Data Center World: Dude, Where's my data center?!?

Lee Smith  (Data Center Industry Consultant, DataCenterDNA)

Location: Room 10AB

Date: Tuesday, May 9

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Pass Type: Industry Conference, Standard, AFCOM Vendor Member, All Access- Omdia, All Access- Workshop

Track: Design, Build, Operate, Control

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

What happens if your data center monitoring & management systems fail or become unresponsive? Are you ready to respond cohesively and calmly during such an incident? Is your team ready? Who takes care of the site? Who takes care of recovery and reinstatement? It's a scenario that some, but not all, are prepared for. Placing faith in the monitoring and management systems within your data center is fine — as long as it’s not blind faith.

Attend this session to learn what must be done (a) to ensure that the site and all the mission-critical equipment are not negatively impacted, (b) to ensure that the site team responds in an effective, predictable and safe manner, and (c) to recover the systems in a prioritized, methodical, and planned manner, to the point where everything is back to normal operation. How should and do we prepare ourselves and our teams for an event that we all hope will never happen? What can we do to prevent this type of incident? How do we improve our ability to recover as quickly as possible?

Lee Smith, in his usual straightforward, "un-diplomatic" style, will discuss this topic and provide his insight as to how you steel yourself, your data center, and its stakeholders from such a potentially dangerous incident. He'll look at it in a practical and methodical way so that you can go away from the session with a better understanding of what goes wrong and what must always go right; no matter what.


  • Prevention is always the primary objective. When triggered, "impact-less" recovery is the secondary goal.
  • Be ready for this kind of event and ensure it can be handled smoothly
  • Process and documentation will be critical when the site team has to go "manual"
  • Prioritize what is more important and use that as the reinstatement yardstick
  • The more you practice this type of scenario, the luckier you will be if/when it happens