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Data Center World 2023

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Data Center World: Batteries– the Achilles Heel of Your ESG / RE Strategy

Jack Pouchet  (VP Sales and Marketing, Natron Energy)

Location: Room 5ABC

Date: Tuesday, May 9

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Pass Type: Industry Conference, Standard, AFCOM Vendor Member, All Access- Omdia, All Access- Workshop

Track: Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Join us as we take a look at the implications of your current battery systems, those on the near horizon, and how they help or more likely hurt your ESG and renewable energy strategies. Fear not; there is hope on the horizon. We will examine some new and some refreshed energy storage ideas. We will take a deep dive into the new world of sodium-ion batteries (Prussian-Blue, Green, White, Ceramic, and the all-elusive Carbon Black) with chemistries ranging from near supercapacitor performance to multi-hour, grid-connected power plants, and just about everything else in between. (Well, maybe not EVs.)

Discussion will include basic chemistry, performance characteristics, fire/life safety considerations, supply chain and scalability, current availability and forecast, and how sodium-ion compares with lead, lithium, and other chemistries. There will be an open Q&A session.

No electrons will be harmed during the presentation, although we may fire off a few neurons in the process.


  • Your ESG program is likely in jeopardy
  • Your supply chain is at risk (no kidding)
  • There are even more alternatives to Alternative / Renewable Energy
  • Batteries are moving from being your weakest link and biggest environmental nightmare to the stiffest, most reliable and available power source imagined
  • But they still can't fly or leap over a tall building in a single bound!